XdT. Un Vino de Culto.                                XdT. A cult wine



SERGE TCHEKHOV, France-Francia. XdT.



Enero 2009. January 2009

English Translation:

Young Vintners. XdT

Mixing up modernity and ancestral tradition, Gonzalo has given life back to this old familiar property located in the town of Abalos.

XdT is one of the oldest wineries in Europe. Built in the Middle Ages, it was abandoned in the nineteenth century when the owners decided to take advantage of the shortages caused by the phyloxera in other european regions. They started to produce wine with a commercial purpose as La rioja remained largely immune for years.

The building remained abandoned for over the next hundred years. Recently, Gonzalo Fernandez de Navarrete González-Valerio, 3 rd son of the marquis of Ximenez de Tejada has completed a total restoration programme of the property.

After studying Law in Madrid and Business in the ecole superieure de commerce de Bordeaux, he has succeed a brilliant international career in companies acting in the world of luxury goods.

 Former deputy manager at Habanos in Cuba, the company responsible for the commercialization of all premium Cuban cigars, it was in Havana when he decided to restore this familiar winery.  The building has been totally restored without touching any of the primitive installations. Gonzalo produces a single wine: XdT. Its name honours Francisco Ximenez de Tejada, an ancestor of the owners. He was the last Spanish Grand Master of the order of Malta. The first harvest was 2004. 


Located in one of the prime areas in la Rioja, total yearly production of this winery stands at 5600 bottles per year. Wine elaboration shows both tipicity and innovation: Spanish oak is used for ageing his wine. Everything is done with extreme care for this wine of limited production.

 Grapes used are Temparanillo at 90%. 10% are experimental varietals. At this stage the winery shows a total respect for tradition: all internal transportation for bottles and barrels is done by hand. The irregular features of the soil dose not allow any mechanical help.

Artist´s tasting

Since the first moment, wine shows its “racial” features, something that can as well be found find in the vintners’ eyes. Powerful and clear, with a note of feminine elegance due to the oenologist’s touch without doubt.

Contact data

Gonzalo Fernández de Navarrete González-Valerio. XdT

Dirección: Pl/ martin Fernández de Navarrete  3.

26339 La Rioja. España

Website:         www.XdT.es 

e-mail:            xdt.wine@xdt.es