XdT. Un Vino de Culto.                                XdT. A cult wine




 XdT is one of the most historic wines in Spain due to its heritage, its special way of production, and its winery which has been considered a "Cathedral of Wine"

The first productions of XdT were made in a building with so much history, that since then XdT has been considered "a Cult wine made in a Cathedral."

The towns, landscapes and buildings that surround XdT show the imprint of history in all its forms.

The name XdT takes its inspiration from an illustrious ancestor: Francisco Ximénez de Tejada y Eslava. He was Prince of the islands of Malta and Gozo, and LXIX Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, also known as the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta between 1773 and 1775.  He is the last Spanish Grand Master of the Order of Malta till the date.

After the death of the Spanish Grand Master Ximénez de Tejada (1773-1775), Emmanuel de Rohan (1775-1797) was named his successor as the new Grand Master of the Order of Malta.

A few years after the death of the LXIX Grand Master of the Order of Malta Francisco Ximénez de Tejada y Eslava (1703-1775), during the time of King Charles IV of Spain, Pedro Ximénez de Tejada y Eslava - who was Grand Prior of Navarrein the Order of Malta, and brother of the last Spanish Grand Master - received an additional title of nobility to add to those the family already had: the title of Marquis of Ximénez de Tejada, for the merits acquired by his brother, the Prince and Grand Master of Malta.

The marriage of Catalina Ximénez de Tejada y Argaiz with Martín Fernández de Navarrete y Ramírez de La Piscina, meant that the historical legacy of both families, descendants of the kings of Navarre, became located in La Rioja.

Through their son Martín Fernández de Navarrete y Ximénez de Tejada (1765-1844) and his descendants, these two family cultural inheritances would come together to reach our days.

Since its creation, XdT combines the history that its founders and their lands treasure, At the same time it is a modern and innovative wine in La Rioja, in the 21st century. 


 Thanks to the invaluable help provided by Isabel Fernández de Navarrete y Saénz de Tejada,  and Victoriano  López-Pinto, belonging to the descendants of the Viscount of Villahermosa de Ambite, who provided the historic building in which XdT began to be made. Added to which the essential oenological knowledge of Antonio Palacios and his daughter, which allowed the production of unparalleled wines in the first years of XdT.

XdT wines that, while being avant-garde, are at the same time elegant, worthy of the history that XdT represents. 

And thanks also to the care of the vineyards and to the tireless work of Miguel Mato -father and son-. 

Thanks to all, Gonzalo Fernández de Navarrete González Valerio, 3rd son of the Marquises of Ximénez de Tejada, Knight of the Order of Malta, was able to transform this extremely unique XdT wine project into reality.