XdT. Un Vino de Culto.                                XdT. A cult wine



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There are very few things in the world that are considered something unique. Irrepetible. One of them is XdT.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the millenary cellar abandoned for centuries was restored. The wine produced in this historic vestige became a myth, a "cult" wine, a luxury that can not be replicated.

In the last 15 years media from different parts of the world have highlighted some of XdT´s distinctive elements:

"Restored a Visigothic cellar of the 7th and 8th centuries", "The oldest winery in Rioja". "XdT, a cult wine", "A cathedral of wine", "XdT, tradition and ancestry", "New wine, ancient winery", "Sometimes the history of a wine can captivate as much as its flavor"," Impressive wine", "Over a thousand years old in the heart of Rioja", "A unique wine, surrounded by history and myths everywhere", "XdT is a wine of worship and memory", "The heirs of the marquis of Ximenez de Tejada have restored the cellar and museum which is considered a Cathedral of wine", "Excavated in stone a thousand years ago,  the oldest in La Rioja, which nevertheless has been a pioneer In the introduction of the Spanish oak in the barrels", "

The XdT wine has been described precisely by thiose who have had the chnace to taste it:

"The result is a different wine, complex and especially subtle", "Red fruit aromas and memories of spices with a slight touch of wood, In the mouth it is robust, but kind. Fleshy but with easy passage, sweet and rich", "A special wine that is of those who prestige the vineyards of Spain." 


Since then, XdT has been marketed among very few members of the winery,  and in some limited special productions available in Spain, France, Holland, United States, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao....

But despite this, XdT has not ceased to be a good of so limited availability that by many has been considered as a "good outside of commerce", almost impossible to acquire ....

There are several reasons for the fascination: the history of the old winery and of the owners' ancestors, the unusual grape mixture, the innovative use of Spanish oak, the avant-garde winemaking without losing the elegance and subtlety.

Whatever XdT element catches your eye, the quality of a unique, innovative and timeless wine is probably the most relevant of them all.